dialogue I

On the 7th of August 2020, we held the first ever Dialogue on Apartheid Studies. The purpose of the Dialogue was to offer prefatory insights on the upcoming publication Apartheid Studies: A Manifesto (Africa World Press, 2021). The facilitator was Prof. Cuthbeth Tagwirei of the University of the Witwatersrand. The event was well attended, with a world class panel of 12 academics headlining it (see screenshot of programme below), drawn from fields such as law, communication, media, journalism, language, linguistics, development studies and art and design. This underscored the disciplinary spread and flexibility that is one to watch in relation to the new field of Apartheid Studies. The presenters were drawn from South Africa, Zimbabwe, the US, the UK, Austria, the Netherlands, an indication of the international affiliation of scholars interested in Apartheid Studies. A turnout of 70+ audience members, and engaged participation, certified Dialogue I as a phenomenal success. Below is the list presenters, their affiliation, and titles of presentations.

Farieda Nazier, University of Johannesburg, “In the Perpetual Shadow of Dark(i)ness: Exploring the Mythology of the Postness of Apartheid”.

Olivia Rutazibwa, University of Portsmouth, “Beyond Past, Present, Future: Apartheid Studies as Reading Coloniality’s Violence Hidden in Plain Sight”.

Anthony L√∂wstedt, Vienna Private University, “Reflections”.

Matsilele, Trust, Cape Peninsula University, “Asking New Questions”.

MICHAELA CLARK, Stellenbosch University, “Feeling Apartheid: What Affect Can Do for Apartheid Studies”.

REMY JOHNSON, Independent Scholar, Educator & Activist, “Why Apartheid Studies? Towards Theories of Continuity & Change in the 21st Century Academy”.

HUGH MANGEYA, Midlands State University, “Social Media Humour as Popular Participation in Perpetuating Apartheid?”

NOMAGUGU HLOMA, Independent Scholar & Activist, “Apartheid Studies: The Resurrection of Sobukwe, the End of the World As We Know it, Our Ultimate Freedom”.

JENTLEY LENONG, University of Johannesburg, “Apartheid as a Perversion of Law: The Trial of the Harvest of Liberation”.

CEES MARIS, University of Amsterdam, “A Core of Apartheid”.

MHOZE CHIKOWERO, University of California (Santa Barbara), Kuronda tsimba: Daring to Track Down the Cannibals”.

YLVA RODNY-GUMEDE, University of Johannesburg, “A Slave Ship called Mandela”.

The poster and video of the event are provided below.